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October 24, 2022

Sigtryggur Magnason - New Chairman of the Board

The yearly meeting of the Council of Representatives for Reykjavik Arts Festival was held in Höfði, Reykjavik on 20 October 2022. The council contains 34 cultural institutions and artists’ associations in Iceland.

Minister of Culture, Lilja D. Alfreðsdóttir took over as the Chairman of the Council, relieving Mayor, Dagur B. Eggertsson of his duties who will now return to being Vice-Chairman. The Mayor of Reykjavik and the Minister of Culture head the council in turn, two years at a time.

A change was made to the board of Reykjavik Arts Festival when Þórunn Sigurðardóttir, who has had a seat in the board of Reykjavik Arts Festival on behalf of the minister since 2015, left the board and the minister appointed Sigtryggur Magnason to the board. Þórunn was thanked for her work for the festival with a standing ovation. Sigtryggur will head the board for the next 2 years, while Margrét M. Norðdahl will continue as vice-chairman of the board and Tryggvi M. Baldvinsson as board member for the same time period.

During the meeting the chairman of the board, artistic director and executive director gave reports on Reykjavik Arts Festival 2022. The festival went very well, guests were more than before the pandemic and finances are good.