1-16 june 2024

Yes Yes Yes

2 - 3 JUN

Jamie and Ari like each other. Karin and Tom do too. They might be at two separate parties, but their stories are identical. Until they really aren’t.

Part documentary, part confession, part open conversation, Yes Yes Yes is a theatre show created specifically for young adults exploring the knotty and necessary topics of healthy relationships, desire and consent.

Award-winning theatre makers Eleanor Bishop and Karin McCracken (EBKM) have been presenting work together since 2017. They make high quality, socially minded, formally innovative contemporary theatre for a range of audiences. This latest work from them blends audience interaction with a captivating solo performance. The show is in English.

“... funny, thoughtful and entirely relatable … I can't recommend this highly enough” – NZ Herald

Created by: Eleanor Bishop & Karin McCracken
Performed by: Karin McCracken
Directed by: Eleanor Bishop
Lighting Design by: Rachel Marlow (Filament Eleven 11)
Touring Technician: Elliot Blue 

Elenaor Bishop (NZ)
Karin McCracken (NZ)

June 2 at 8pm
June 3 at 8pm

ISK 1.500
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Wheelchair-accessible. Staff will assist wheelchair users in finding a good spot in the auditorium.
The nearest busstop is Ráðhúsið but the busstops MR and Lækjartorg are also close by.

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