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Dance Visual Art

The Lover

Bára Sigfúsdóttir (ISL)

8 PM
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Accessibility is good in Tjarnarbíó.

Moving between creation and destruction - A visual dance performance

Moving between creation and destruction – The Lover contemplates the complex relationship between humans and nature. Bára Sigfúsdóttir makes space for different structures, rhythms and energies to exist and influence each other’s evolution. The body and it ‘s environment keep transforming throughout the performance, questioning what is human, what is animal, what is nature, what is manmade, what is organic...

In The Lover the scenography creates an alternative landscape, consisting of two photographic images transforming on stage. It suggests an abandoned and exploited world, which is reviving and transformed into new landscapes. In this environment remains a creature of flesh and blood, assailable and defenceless although curiosity and a desire to explore the world are pushing it forward.

The lover was premiered at PERFORMATIK in Beursschouwburg Brussel in 2015 and has toured widely since then.

Dancer and Choreographer: Bára Sigfúsdóttir
Photographer: Noémie Goudal
Scenography: Noémie Goudal in collaboration with 88888
Architect: Jeroen Verrecht
Music and sound design: Borko
Lighting design and Technical supervision: Kris Van Oudenhove
Dramaturgy: Sara Vanderieck

Accessibility is good in Tjarnarbíó.