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Dance Family Participatory Free


Alexander Roberts (GBR), Ásrún Magnúsdóttir (ISL)

4 PM
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This venue is not wheelchair accessible.

It´s a block party and you´re invited!

You are invited to a real block party! The residents of Asparfell 2-12 in the Breidholt neighborhood are inviting festivalgoers to join them for a dance party. The different apartments are home to different people of all ages and backgrounds, of different genders – families, individuals, friends, couples and animals. The householders will be opening up their apartments, inviting guests to wander from apartment to apartment and take part in all sorts of festivities with a variety of hosts. Some will be hosting large parties with loud music, full of dancing people, while others will be calmer and quieter with fewer people – and anything in between. The householders will design their home space and run their own parties.

Neighbours will come together and people who might not often meet in daily life will be celebrating their community and each other – even if it’s just while the block party lasts. Guests will be dancing with Asparfell’s inhabitants, listening to their stories and getting to know their daily lives.

In that way we will all become better neighbours for each other.


Asparfell is a free event but due to limited space please sign up at skraning@artfest.is


Artists: Alexander Roberts, Ásrún magnúsdóttir og íbúar Asparfells.


Asparfell is in collaboration with Breiðholt Festival and it is supported by Reykjavik City.

This venue is not wheelchair accessible.